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ABC Sunburn

Attempting to have some fun in the sun this past weekend resulted in me struggling during the evening due to the pain I was in. Being sunburnt is one of the worst pains a person can endure, in my opinion of course. ‘Cause I’m a ginger I definitely should have known better to apply sunscreen, but when it’s the late afternoon and I’m playing games in the backyard I never really find it necessary because I feel like the sun isn’t even strong anymore. Definitely not the best logic on my behalf. Every ginger that goes outside no matter what time of day it is should always have sunscreen on or they will pay the price. First thing any of us should do when we even think about stepping outside the house is apply the right SPF whether it be 75 or 100…most likely 100. Gingers are weak against the sun and I’m not sure what I was thinking not putting anything on.

Honestly, I think it’s because I keep telling myself ‘oh it’s okay I’m getting older and my skin is adjusting to the sun’ but that is literally the dumbest thing ever. I am an idiot because we all know that’s just a preposterous thing to think. Jealousy also plays a role because all my super tan friends apply baby oil to their skin and don’t even get remotely burned but I don’t put anything on and look like a fresh steamed lobster. Kills me. Literally, the pain I’m in just kills me. Miserable is an understatement. Nobody understands the pain that gingers endure when they are sunburnt…they aren’t the same as normal people sunburns, they are worse.

On Friday when I got burnt It wasn’t just a normal burn, it was one of the burns where you’re wearing a wicked awkward top and your burn lines look like somebody literally painted a white shirt on you. Over and over that night I just kept thinking of how stupid I was, granted the amounts of alcohol I consumed did relieve some of my pain which was nice.  People weren’t nice about it either. Questions were sarcastically coming from my friends all night like, “were you outside today?” or “you usually tan so. Ridiculous! Seriously i’m sure it was funny for them but this girl was not laughing.

Typically I would but because I was actually in pain it just wasn’t funny to me. Understanding the pain a ginger feels from a sunburn is very difficult for uneducated people to understand so I forgave them for being so heartless. Very fun night though aside from the sunburn and my dumb friends who aren’t funny. Wish I had just put on the sunscreen during the day though to avoid the ginger jokes, the pain and the anxiety I was getting from it. Xanax would have been clutch that way I would have stopped panicking about what everyone was thinking about me. Yes I definitely learned my lesson and I will always apply sunscreen no matter what time of the day it is. Zero sunscreen = unhappy ginger and unhappy ginger = well, aren’t gingers always unhappy? ;)


Being a ginger definitely has its ups and downs. I’ve been on this planet for almost 21 years now and I am finally coming to terms with the fact that there are a few things about myself that I simply cannot change – That I have red hair, my freckles take up about 90 percent of my body, and that my complexion is about as white as a freshly painted mime. I love my red hair and I would never change that because honestly, who wants to be a “dumb blonde” or walk around knowing that your hair color is the same as human feces – not I. I can also live with my freckles because they make me look like I’m more tan than I actually am, but being a gross pasty white snow demon all year long really does not fly with me.That is what I hate most about being a ginger – I am constantly PALE and there is  nothing I can do about it…well, almost nothing.

So my roommates and I are heading down to Panama City Beach in a few weeks for spring break and all of them have been tanning at a salon in order to get a base color but this is just simply out of the question for me. Look, I would love to be able to go in a tanning bed for longer than two minutes without coming out looking like a freshly steamed lobster, but I can’t – honestly, I would love to be able to drive from one side of town to the other without getting a sunburn but it is just not something a ginger can do – it’s not ginger nature. So while they are getting nice and bronze I’m getting pastier by the minute and I need to take action fast!

Last year I was forced into getting a spray tan before spring break which left me looking more orange than the cast of the Jersey Shore combined – honestly why would I ever think that would be a good idea? But this year since I’d rather not get third degree burns in a tanning bed, and have already attempted the spray tan, I’ve decided to go with something a little more ginger-friendly; self tanner. Although I was very skeptical at first, after reading dozens of reviews of fair skinned customers, all with positive feedback on the product, I felt It was safe enough to try. I got one from Victoria’s Secret for 12 dollars called Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tanner and I’ve used it for about three days and don’t resemble a carrot (yet) so things are looking good! Talk about safe, right? Gingers are so much more prone to getting skin cancer and I’m getting tan-ish without even going in the sun OR paying a ridiculous amount of money to damage my skin. Double win.

Honestly, I hate being pale, so until the day that scientists tell me that the 100 SPF sunblock I use will actually help me get a tan – bronze on ginger friends, bronze on.

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