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ABC Sunburn

Attempting to have some fun in the sun this past weekend resulted in me struggling during the evening due to the pain I was in. Being sunburnt is one of the worst pains a person can endure, in my opinion of course. ‘Cause I’m a ginger I definitely should have known better to apply sunscreen, but when it’s the late afternoon and I’m playing games in the backyard I never really find it necessary because I feel like the sun isn’t even strong anymore. Definitely not the best logic on my behalf. Every ginger that goes outside no matter what time of day it is should always have sunscreen on or they will pay the price. First thing any of us should do when we even think about stepping outside the house is apply the right SPF whether it be 75 or 100…most likely 100. Gingers are weak against the sun and I’m not sure what I was thinking not putting anything on.

Honestly, I think it’s because I keep telling myself ‘oh it’s okay I’m getting older and my skin is adjusting to the sun’ but that is literally the dumbest thing ever. I am an idiot because we all know that’s just a preposterous thing to think. Jealousy also plays a role because all my super tan friends apply baby oil to their skin and don’t even get remotely burned but I don’t put anything on and look like a fresh steamed lobster. Kills me. Literally, the pain I’m in just kills me. Miserable is an understatement. Nobody understands the pain that gingers endure when they are sunburnt…they aren’t the same as normal people sunburns, they are worse.

On Friday when I got burnt It wasn’t just a normal burn, it was one of the burns where you’re wearing a wicked awkward top and your burn lines look like somebody literally painted a white shirt on you. Over and over that night I just kept thinking of how stupid I was, granted the amounts of alcohol I consumed did relieve some of my pain which was nice. ┬áPeople weren’t nice about it either. Questions were sarcastically coming from my friends all night like, “were you outside today?” or “you usually tan so. Ridiculous! Seriously i’m sure it was funny for them but this girl was not laughing.

Typically I would but because I was actually in pain it just wasn’t funny to me. Understanding the pain a ginger feels from a sunburn is very difficult for uneducated people to understand so I forgave them for being so heartless. Very fun night though aside from the sunburn and my dumb friends who aren’t funny. Wish I had just put on the sunscreen during the day though to avoid the ginger jokes, the pain and the anxiety I was getting from it. Xanax would have been clutch that way I would have stopped panicking about what everyone was thinking about me. Yes I definitely learned my lesson and I will always apply sunscreen no matter what time of the day it is. Zero sunscreen = unhappy ginger and unhappy ginger = well, aren’t gingers always unhappy? ;)


HELLO my little ginger dumplings! It’s just after midnight right about now and I’m sitting here blogging! Some of you may ask why and I’m just going to have to let you in on that little secret. Today I leave for a 24 hour drive down to Panama City Beach and I am attempting to stay up as late as possible so I can sleep like the little ginger angel I am the whole way down! Brilliant, I know….

I also wanted to let all of you guys know that I will not be blogging for the week due to my weeks long vacation with good friends, good drinks, and some sure to be pretty brutal sunburns – don’t worry, I packed 50-100 SPFs. Here are some things that I’m looking forward to doing while down in the sunny state of Flo-Ridaaaa

1. Attempting to stay sunburn free

2. Challenging other gingers I meet along my travels to connect the freckles

3. Lagging my oversized umbrella back and forth to the beach everyday…..

4. Applying tons of bronzer to my entire body before I go out so I’ll look half as tan as my friends..

5. Parasailing! (this is when i’ll apply the 100+ sunscreen because i’ll be closer to the sun)

and most importantly,

6. ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!!!!….this doesn’t really need much of an explanation.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and PLEASE pray for me to come back tanner than ever.

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