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Excuse me?

Something happened yesterday that really offended me. Naturally, one of my friends was giving me a hard time about being a ginger which was nothing out of the ordinary until another one of my friends, Matt, chimed in saying, “you’re not even really a ginger…you’re more of a daywalker.” Woah woah woah hold up, what?! I don’t know if you guys all know what daywalkers are but that is pretty much like a salesperson referring to the CEO of a their company as their “co-worker”. It’s like having this image in your mind for all of your life that you’re this ordinary creature that everybody secretly envies and then one day somebody tells you that this picture is wrong and you’re really just a normal, average person that nobody cares about.

Just the thought of somebody undermining me like that makes me cringe. A daywalker is a person with red hair who does not have any freckles and is not pale. So excuse me, Matthew, but you are wrong. Freckles….check. Pale ass skin….check. Fiercely red hair with a tint of auburn…yup pretty sure I take home the championship belt for being a stage 5 ginger, Mr. Knowitall.

I think Matt’s reasoning for trying to undermine my gingerness was because he is jealous. He is jealous that it’s not normal for him to be pale and have freckles cover his body – he’s envious of this because he has to hide his paleness by tanning everyday whereas for gingers, it’s normal to be pasty. He can’t make pale look good like we can, he can’t freckle like we can, and he sure as hell can’t ginger on like we can. Sounds like a case of ginger-jealousy and my dear friend Matt is riding shotgun on that bus.

Daywalkers are fake gingers, and I’m no fake ginger.


What NOT to wear

Hello my little ginger snaps! As some of you may know if you’ve been reading my blog, I’m going down to Florida in a few day’s for spring break. I have been acting like a kid on Christmas eve for the past week just awaiting that beautiful coach bus to come pick me up with 40 other students who will all most likely be completely smashed within the first hour of our 24 hour trip…anyway.

As I’ve been shopping around spending money I don’t have to buy things for my trip, I’ve definitely been having difficulties finding things to wear because this time of year there are so many bright and vibrant colors in nearly every store. Being a ginger, I know these colors don’t look good on me especially since I’m ridiculously pale at the moment…well actually, I’m always pale. Although I did bring dozens of reds, oranges, and pink shirts into the dressing rooms in hopes maybe the rule had changed, I slowly kept getting uglier and uglier after each outfit I tried on. So, because of the troubles I’ve been having, I figured I could save you guys a few and leave you with some expert makeup and fashion advice!

I really like what these websites have to offer when it comes to tips for gingers because it’s true to who we are and typically rules I abide by. I think they both give great advice for letting out our true beauty rather than hiding our gingerness. Well, embrace it now redheads of the world because we’re a rare breed and if we change, who are people supposed to make fun of?  ;)

Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are days when most of us ginger-folk go walking out the door thinking we look like this :


When in reality we really look like this: Image

I highly suggest you follow these tips to avoid this at all costs. Happy hump-day, beauties!


Being a ginger definitely has its ups and downs. I’ve been on this planet for almost 21 years now and I am finally coming to terms with the fact that there are a few things about myself that I simply cannot change – That I have red hair, my freckles take up about 90 percent of my body, and that my complexion is about as white as a freshly painted mime. I love my red hair and I would never change that because honestly, who wants to be a “dumb blonde” or walk around knowing that your hair color is the same as human feces – not I. I can also live with my freckles because they make me look like I’m more tan than I actually am, but being a gross pasty white snow demon all year long really does not fly with me.That is what I hate most about being a ginger – I am constantly PALE and there is  nothing I can do about it…well, almost nothing.

So my roommates and I are heading down to Panama City Beach in a few weeks for spring break and all of them have been tanning at a salon in order to get a base color but this is just simply out of the question for me. Look, I would love to be able to go in a tanning bed for longer than two minutes without coming out looking like a freshly steamed lobster, but I can’t – honestly, I would love to be able to drive from one side of town to the other without getting a sunburn but it is just not something a ginger can do – it’s not ginger nature. So while they are getting nice and bronze I’m getting pastier by the minute and I need to take action fast!

Last year I was forced into getting a spray tan before spring break which left me looking more orange than the cast of the Jersey Shore combined – honestly why would I ever think that would be a good idea? But this year since I’d rather not get third degree burns in a tanning bed, and have already attempted the spray tan, I’ve decided to go with something a little more ginger-friendly; self tanner. Although I was very skeptical at first, after reading dozens of reviews of fair skinned customers, all with positive feedback on the product, I felt It was safe enough to try. I got one from Victoria’s Secret for 12 dollars called Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tanner and I’ve used it for about three days and don’t resemble a carrot (yet) so things are looking good! Talk about safe, right? Gingers are so much more prone to getting skin cancer and I’m getting tan-ish without even going in the sun OR paying a ridiculous amount of money to damage my skin. Double win.

Honestly, I hate being pale, so until the day that scientists tell me that the 100 SPF sunblock I use will actually help me get a tan – bronze on ginger friends, bronze on.

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