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As a junior in college it’s always hard for me each semester to say goodbye to friends for the summer, but it’s especially hard for me to say goodbye to those who are graduating. When I was a freshman I was placed in a sophomore hallway so majority of my friends are leaving me this year to go out into the real world and start their lives. This year has definitely been one for the books, and I will never forget those people who have impacted my life in the way that they have – plus, I know that during their hectic schedules working 9-5 jobs they will find the time to come back and rage with me at school.

I am dedicating this post to all of my friends that are moving on to do bigger and better things with their lives especially my only ginger friends that are leaving. I’ll miss my friend Jimmy – as much as he has grown to hate me for constantly calling him out on being a ginger, I will miss being able to call him out and embarrass him for being a ginger – I will also miss constantly making him take “ginger pictures” with me…guess I’ll have to recruit some more redheads. Jimmy is one awkwardly funny son of a bitch – like most gingers – and I’ll definitely miss him. My other ginger friend, Hillary, is also leaving me this year. Hillary is a flaming ginger. Her hair is much more red than mine, in fact it’s pretty much a bright shade of orange – one of those gingers. I’ll miss having Hillary around because sometimes it’s beneficial not being the biggest flaming ginger around and I thank her for constantly getting more shit than I do. Hillary and I will always be ginger sisters though. She is so crazy and funny I will miss her tons!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do being the only ginger around next year but hopefully I’ll be able to make friends with some new ones so I’m not the only one in my group of friends being made fun of. Sometimes it’s fun when us gingers are together and people make fun of us because we can make fun of them together for being boring and normal. It’s a little hard to rebuttal solo, but gingers always prevail in the end so I’m not really worried about it.

Good luck seniors everywhere graduating both college and highschool…especially good luck to all the gingers out there who are going to make big things happen and eventually rule the world! :)




Okay so nobody would really know this but I love little kids so much! Babies, tots, just up until the peak age of eight or so and I’m in love. They are literally the cutest, and funniest people on the face of the earth and I think it’s safe to say nobody can deny that. I came across this video the other day and was  falling off my chair laughing because of how god damn cute this six year old is. Smart, charming, hilarious – does it get any better than that? The best part about it is that he has an undeniable love for redheads, at the age of six! He even has a ginger girlfriend who is 26….kid is obviously the man. You guys seriously ALL have to check it out it is literally the cutest thing ever I had to share. It’s an interview of him on the Ellen DeGeneres Show talking about his love for redheads and his fascination of the solar system. Definitely something you have to watcht!!


Leslie is a very lucky girl.

Ginger Power!

Being a ginger myself it is only natural that my friends instantly let me know every time there is something they have watched or heard that revolves around the ginger race. I typically receive five or so comments a day alone on having red hair but I am also nearly always informed when something revolving a ginger is on television. The other day one of my friends texted me letting me know there was an episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory on MTV that had a skit based around gingers.

Naturally I was eager to watch it and let me tell you I was in hysterics afterwards. Because I am not an uptight ginger it is so easy to laugh when people attempt to mock me. In fact the only way to be a successful ginger in this world is to have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at other people making fun of you. I was able to find a clip of it on youtube to share with you all in hopes you would find it as entertaining as I did! Rob and all of his friends wear red wigs and mess around as if they were in this skit Rob definitely also glorifies how awesome gingers are which makes it even more enjoyable! I hope you all agree!

Watch out, Katniss.

The Ginger Games

“Redheads battling it out to death, while trying to avoid sunburns”

Excuse me?

Something happened yesterday that really offended me. Naturally, one of my friends was giving me a hard time about being a ginger which was nothing out of the ordinary until another one of my friends, Matt, chimed in saying, “you’re not even really a ginger…you’re more of a daywalker.” Woah woah woah hold up, what?! I don’t know if you guys all know what daywalkers are but that is pretty much like a salesperson referring to the CEO of a their company as their “co-worker”. It’s like having this image in your mind for all of your life that you’re this ordinary creature that everybody secretly envies and then one day somebody tells you that this picture is wrong and you’re really just a normal, average person that nobody cares about.

Just the thought of somebody undermining me like that makes me cringe. A daywalker is a person with red hair who does not have any freckles and is not pale. So excuse me, Matthew, but you are wrong. Freckles….check. Pale ass skin….check. Fiercely red hair with a tint of auburn…yup pretty sure I take home the championship belt for being a stage 5 ginger, Mr. Knowitall.

I think Matt’s reasoning for trying to undermine my gingerness was because he is jealous. He is jealous that it’s not normal for him to be pale and have freckles cover his body – he’s envious of this because he has to hide his paleness by tanning everyday whereas for gingers, it’s normal to be pasty. He can’t make pale look good like we can, he can’t freckle like we can, and he sure as hell can’t ginger on like we can. Sounds like a case of ginger-jealousy and my dear friend Matt is riding shotgun on that bus.

Daywalkers are fake gingers, and I’m no fake ginger.

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