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I know that I have briefly discussed celebrities who take the risk and make the transformation of having a generic hair color to a fierce red, but recently there is one celebrity that I would have never imagined red hair to look good on; that actress being Brittany Snow. Dying your hair and taking the risk of becoming the ultimate ginger is not an easy task for most, especially those in the limelight because people WILL be seeing you and WILL be judging you. For me, however, Brittany looks so gorgeous with the new ginger locks I give her props for trying out the new style – I mean who wouldn’t want to be a redhead, right?!

Brittany has experimented with almost every hair color from dark brown to bright blonde so I think it was about her time to venture on over to the dark side as a redhead. I suggest all people who have icky hair colors to try it because redheads definitely have more fun, and I’m not going to sugar coat anything but we’re better than everyone else. Not because majority of us are funny, and awesome and a pleasure to be around more so than anybody with hues of yellow or brown in their hair, just because well, we’re better.

I hope Ms. Snow decides to leave her hair this beautiful color for a while because although I did love her when she had blonde hair, she just kills it as a redhead so I wouldn’t want to see her turn back to an unordinary human being. To see other celebrities who have dyed their hair red and can pull it off – aside from Rihanna and Rumor….sorry girls it’s just not working for you – check out this link!


Okay so nobody would really know this but I love little kids so much! Babies, tots, just up until the peak age of eight or so and I’m in love. They are literally the cutest, and funniest people on the face of the earth and I think it’s safe to say nobody can deny that. I came across this video the other day and was  falling off my chair laughing because of how god damn cute this six year old is. Smart, charming, hilarious – does it get any better than that? The best part about it is that he has an undeniable love for redheads, at the age of six! He even has a ginger girlfriend who is 26….kid is obviously the man. You guys seriously ALL have to check it out it is literally the cutest thing ever I had to share. It’s an interview of him on the Ellen DeGeneres Show talking about his love for redheads and his fascination of the solar system. Definitely something you have to watcht!!


Leslie is a very lucky girl.

Ginger LIES

In today’s post I have decided to focus on freeing all ginger people of any negative stereotypes or false statements that are being surfaced around the internet. I know how unintelligent the people are who feel as if it’s necessary to start these “funny” but untrue statements, so I’m here today to just set the record straight. Just a forewarning, some of them are obviously not the nicest or the most appropriate.

1. Taking a ginger into your home will cause milk to spoil: Alright whoever made this one up is clearly on some sort of hallucinogens because that is the most preposterous thing I have ever heard. There is always a gallon of milk in my fridge at home and it has never gone bad.

2. Gingers have to eat carrots to maintain their hair colour: I don’t eat carrots…ever…my hair is still red.

3. The hair of a ginger, when sprinkled with dew and placed under moonlight becomes pure gold: Well, I wish I had known this a long time ago because then I would be a very, very rich girl.

4.  Every time a ginger is born a unicorn dies: That’s weird, I wasn’t aware unicorns existed. Oh wait, they don’t.

5. Every time gingers have sex God creates a new STD: Where are the statistics for this? Who is such good friends with God and knows this? Please, let me in on your source of information so I can slap them with some knowledge.

6. At the end of every rainbow there is a ginger: Well, this is sort of true. Leprechauns are gingers, right?

7. Doctors have been arrested for prescribing rat poison to sick gingers: I’m pretty sure I heard a story about this in the news actually….

8. Last year congress passed a law prohibiting ginger hunter season: I wouldn’t blame people for wanting to hunt us. We would make great stuffed gingers. Beautiful, all gingery, and there forever.

9. One of the leading campaigns for abortion rights is, “it let’s us kill gingers, legally!: This one, in my opinion, is just hideous. Making a joke out of something that isn’t even funny in the first place. Grow up.

10. Gingers invented tanning booths and hair die: That’s actually false. Neither of them are gingers.

In summation, people are idiots. Ginger power, baby.

Ginger Power!

Being a ginger myself it is only natural that my friends instantly let me know every time there is something they have watched or heard that revolves around the ginger race. I typically receive five or so comments a day alone on having red hair but I am also nearly always informed when something revolving a ginger is on television. The other day one of my friends texted me letting me know there was an episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory on MTV that had a skit based around gingers.

Naturally I was eager to watch it and let me tell you I was in hysterics afterwards. Because I am not an uptight ginger it is so easy to laugh when people attempt to mock me. In fact the only way to be a successful ginger in this world is to have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at other people making fun of you. I was able to find a clip of it on youtube to share with you all in hopes you would find it as entertaining as I did! Rob and all of his friends wear red wigs and mess around as if they were in this skit Rob definitely also glorifies how awesome gingers are which makes it even more enjoyable! I hope you all agree!

ABC Sunburn

Attempting to have some fun in the sun this past weekend resulted in me struggling during the evening due to the pain I was in. Being sunburnt is one of the worst pains a person can endure, in my opinion of course. ‘Cause I’m a ginger I definitely should have known better to apply sunscreen, but when it’s the late afternoon and I’m playing games in the backyard I never really find it necessary because I feel like the sun isn’t even strong anymore. Definitely not the best logic on my behalf. Every ginger that goes outside no matter what time of day it is should always have sunscreen on or they will pay the price. First thing any of us should do when we even think about stepping outside the house is apply the right SPF whether it be 75 or 100…most likely 100. Gingers are weak against the sun and I’m not sure what I was thinking not putting anything on.

Honestly, I think it’s because I keep telling myself ‘oh it’s okay I’m getting older and my skin is adjusting to the sun’ but that is literally the dumbest thing ever. I am an idiot because we all know that’s just a preposterous thing to think. Jealousy also plays a role because all my super tan friends apply baby oil to their skin and don’t even get remotely burned but I don’t put anything on and look like a fresh steamed lobster. Kills me. Literally, the pain I’m in just kills me. Miserable is an understatement. Nobody understands the pain that gingers endure when they are sunburnt…they aren’t the same as normal people sunburns, they are worse.

On Friday when I got burnt It wasn’t just a normal burn, it was one of the burns where you’re wearing a wicked awkward top and your burn lines look like somebody literally painted a white shirt on you. Over and over that night I just kept thinking of how stupid I was, granted the amounts of alcohol I consumed did relieve some of my pain which was nice.  People weren’t nice about it either. Questions were sarcastically coming from my friends all night like, “were you outside today?” or “you usually tan so. Ridiculous! Seriously i’m sure it was funny for them but this girl was not laughing.

Typically I would but because I was actually in pain it just wasn’t funny to me. Understanding the pain a ginger feels from a sunburn is very difficult for uneducated people to understand so I forgave them for being so heartless. Very fun night though aside from the sunburn and my dumb friends who aren’t funny. Wish I had just put on the sunscreen during the day though to avoid the ginger jokes, the pain and the anxiety I was getting from it. Xanax would have been clutch that way I would have stopped panicking about what everyone was thinking about me. Yes I definitely learned my lesson and I will always apply sunscreen no matter what time of the day it is. Zero sunscreen = unhappy ginger and unhappy ginger = well, aren’t gingers always unhappy? ;)

I want to be a Weasley.

Alright so I’m not gunna lie I just drank a large iced coffee and I’m a little hyped up – excuse my rambling, or the tangents I’m sure I’ll go on when writing this – just like I’m doing right now. Aside from that, all you Harry Potter buffs out there, this post is for you.

When I was younger I loved the Harry Potter book series. While other kids were watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? or All That, I would be posted up on the couch reading about the adventures of a wizard and his buddies – exciting, I know. Now believe me this was not by choice of course, nobody wanted to be friends with a redhead. One of the reasons why I became so interested in the book and movie series was because of a character named Ron Weasley. The main reason I was drawn to him wasn’t just because he was this clumsy, lovable character that I believe to be even more bad ass then Harry himself, but he was a ginger as well. It’s almost like J.K. Rowling strategically placed Ron into her novels because she knew all the redheaded losers nobody wanted to hang out with would be at home reading her books and needed a hero like Ron to look up to. Pure genius she is.

Anyway, as I grew more fond of Ron and his ginger ways I learned he had an entire family full of gingers. Not just any family but the BEST family. Twin brothers who were hilarious, a sister who Harry Potter, only the coolest kid ever was in love with, three older brothers – one of which trained dragons, and just about the cutest parents anybody could ask for – could they get any better?!! Obviously not. If any of you reading this have seen the movies you know what I’m talking about. I would die to be a part of the Weasley family because they are the definition of ginger-perfection PLUS they have English accents to die for. All you gingers reading this know what I’m talking about. How awesome would it be to have a family who is just all ginger all of the time? Pretty. damn. awesome. Just watch how darn cute they are and try to argue with me reasons why you wouldn’t want to be apart of this family.  It’ll be hard, trust me.

On a  scale of 1 – I’d die to be a Weasley, where do you guys stand?

Watch out, Katniss.

The Ginger Games

“Redheads battling it out to death, while trying to avoid sunburns”

Excuse me?

Something happened yesterday that really offended me. Naturally, one of my friends was giving me a hard time about being a ginger which was nothing out of the ordinary until another one of my friends, Matt, chimed in saying, “you’re not even really a ginger…you’re more of a daywalker.” Woah woah woah hold up, what?! I don’t know if you guys all know what daywalkers are but that is pretty much like a salesperson referring to the CEO of a their company as their “co-worker”. It’s like having this image in your mind for all of your life that you’re this ordinary creature that everybody secretly envies and then one day somebody tells you that this picture is wrong and you’re really just a normal, average person that nobody cares about.

Just the thought of somebody undermining me like that makes me cringe. A daywalker is a person with red hair who does not have any freckles and is not pale. So excuse me, Matthew, but you are wrong. Freckles….check. Pale ass skin….check. Fiercely red hair with a tint of auburn…yup pretty sure I take home the championship belt for being a stage 5 ginger, Mr. Knowitall.

I think Matt’s reasoning for trying to undermine my gingerness was because he is jealous. He is jealous that it’s not normal for him to be pale and have freckles cover his body – he’s envious of this because he has to hide his paleness by tanning everyday whereas for gingers, it’s normal to be pasty. He can’t make pale look good like we can, he can’t freckle like we can, and he sure as hell can’t ginger on like we can. Sounds like a case of ginger-jealousy and my dear friend Matt is riding shotgun on that bus.

Daywalkers are fake gingers, and I’m no fake ginger.


Two words, TEAM COCO.

If someone told me I had to choose one man that I love more than anyone in the world, that man would be Conan O’Brien…sorry, dad. He is a hysterical ginger god that I just can’t seem to get enough of. I was pretty crushed when his talk show got cancelled and replaced a few years back, but since TBS has picked him up he has honestly made the greatest comeback in the late night industry. People who don’t watch his show or don’t find him funny – ginger racists, people who have no sense of humor etc. – should seriously rethink their existence. CONAN IS HILARIOUS. No questions asked. To top it all of his flawless flaming orange hair makes him ten times better. Seriously though his flow is impeccably kept…watch this clip and try to disagree.

He is so funny it hurts…literally. I watch him every night at 11 like clockwork and I am pretty sure he’s the reason why I’m in such good shape because I haven’t been to the gym in months. Just laughing my ass off for an hour straight has got to do a work on your body, right? I love this man and if there are gingers reading this post right now, it is a sin for you not to love him also…I’m pretty positive God created him to lead the ginger race.

If you have mixed feelings about Conan, or can’t get enough of him, watch this video and I guarantee it will have you laughing for days.


Well, it’s safe to say it’s been awhile and I do apologize for that. As some of you may know, I traveled to Panama City Beach Florida over my spring break and have been attempting to recover ever since. It was a wild ride to say the least.

Besides the bus being an hour and a half late to pick us up, waiting an hour and a half at a gas station in New Jersey because the bus driver forgot the papers, having a two-hour delay in Virginia when some kid on our bus was tripping on acid and ran away so the state police had to find him, a 4.5 hour delay when we got a flat tire in south carolina, a 3 hour delay when the new tire shred, and a 6 hour wait when our bus finally shit the bed an hour away from our resort….the trip was amazing! It truly was a bus ride from HELL…also a close comparison in temperature considering the bus didn’t have air conditioning and it was hot and humid… do you expect a ginger who already has a natural body temperature higher than most to survive in extremely high temperatures? It wasn’t a joyful experience.

Aside from the 48 hour-long bus ride that was supposed to take 24 hours, the trip was AWESOME. I had the time of my life and got to share it with some of the best people I know and love. Our days consisted of lounging on the beach, playing volleyball and doing fun activities like parasailing and banana boating, and our evenings consisted of going out to the bars and clubs that were located on the strip. The best part of my trip was the fact that there were SO.MANY.GINGERS. Hundreds of us. Literally everywhere I turned I wondered if I had died and gone to red-head heaven which, by the way, doesn’t actually exist because everyone knows none of us have souls.

I naturally approached nearly every ginger I saw and offered them sunscreen because I knew how critical it fact my parents both texted me multiple times a day making sure I had applied the proper amount. Me and whichever fellow ginger I would talk to would share our thoughts on how awesome we were and then take a picture for this lovely blog of mine to share with all of you! I have attached only some of the photos in a slide show because not nearly all of them would fit so I hope you enjoy!

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